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Med. 26-60 Lbs






Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Mixed Breed (Medium)


Yesterday we picked Grace up from the vet for a field trip to the dog park! Her first before/after picture shows the day of her search pic and then a pic from yesterday! She is healing up well and she loved hanging out with us and the other dogs even though it was hot out! She has such a joyful spirit and is so happy to have that human connection again. The second before/after pic shows her tick ridden ears and how nicely they look now after they were all removed. Grace has been given her flea and tick medication and will never have to experience that again. Originally when we were notified of Grace we were told she was pregnant but when we found her it turned out that she wasn’t. It looks like she had given birth recently though. We looked for her babies everywhere but unfortunately didn’t find any. With temperatures up to 125 and no food or water for herself it would’ve been very difficult for Grace to keep them alive but we always hope for the best outcome. The fact that we didn’t find any of them gives us reason to hope. Grace is still a mama and it only makes her wonderful spirit shine brighter. She did great with other dogs at the dog park and after we brought her out to a restaurant and she did amazing! She is now spayed and vaccinated and would love to find her FURever home! In the meantime, she would love to find a foster home where she can sleep, eat, and lounge!

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