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Med. 26-60 Lbs






Siberian Husky


Boreas is in search of a new FURever! This gentle giant has had a wonderful upbringing with his current family but it is time for him to start a new journey! 💙All about Boreas from his current Family💙 Name: Boreas, pronounced Bore-A-us. Breed: Siberian husky Age: 5; January 28 2018 Current status: Fully vaccinated, fixed, microchipped One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make: re-homing my dog. We’ve had him since he was 7 weeks old and he is now 5. Boreas is pretty well trained. Honestly CHILL for a Husky, but we do walk and hike him daily so he’s not crazy hyper. Boreas does not chew things other than his toys; he’s nondestructive, period. He is just sweet and playful. Boreas cannot be in a home with home children anymore as our 2 year old is wild and provoking him. If anyone without small children is looking for a dog and a best friend, Boris is your boy. I swear, I can’t even see while writing this post through the tears but it has to be done as my son doesn’t know boundaries with dogs. Boris has a big comfy bed, leashes/collars/harnesses/toys, ALL the things. My toddler is a wild one, and has clearly made Boris under a lot of stress/anxiety due to my unruly toddler. For a couple that could give home attention, he’s seriously the best dog ever. No behavioral issues except excitement with guests and pulling on the leash sometimes, he’s so excited when I come home. Plus he’s potty trained/house trained/relatively calm! He wants to play on occasion and loves his toys. He’s a great dog! Please just keep us in mind if someone is looking!

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