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Zoe Bear


Zoe Bear



Med. 26-60 Lbs






Boxer | German Shepherd Dog


Zoe is a big, lean girl and is about 70 pounds. She will be 3 years old this August. She came to me via a shelter in LA, where she had been for 400 days, more than half of her young life. She was surrendered to them when she was 6 months old. She is a lover and very sweet, and thinks she’s a lap dog. It may take her a short time for her to warm up, as she is quite shy and will be skittish with new people. She seems to warm up to women more quickly than men. She is still a little hesistant of new surrounds but she is OPEN to it. It takes her a little time but she does warm up to new surroundings and new people. She got to meet a new dog today and although she was a little weary in the beginning, she did want to investigate more after a few minutes and she did great! Just imagine being stuck in the same place for your whole life and suddenly being thrown into a new gigantic environment. It is super stressful. I'd say Zoe Bear is killin it! She loves her little ducky and doing zoomies in the yard. She walks pretty well on a leash and has been working with our lovely trainer Shannon at DoggyTech to master it! She is a rough play-er so being in a home with dogs her size would be best. She is a super lover so once she gets used to you, she will lick you to pieces! She likes men, but again, it might take her a minute to get used to them. She is potty trained, vaccinated, and ready to start her furever!

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